Predictive Intelligence: Protect Against Tomorrow’s Threats Today

Integrated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI-Driven Cyber Crime Puts Network Engineering in the Hot Seat

Machine Learning

Cyber criminals are smarter and more dangerous than ever before, adopting automated and scripted attacks that increase their speed and scale. With the volume, velocity, and sophistication of today’s global threat landscape, we must be able to respond in real time at machine speed to effectively counter these aggressive attacks. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can help in this fight.

The FortiGuard Labs proprietary, Self-Evolving Detection System (SEDS), in development and training for more than six years, has proven successful in detection effectiveness, even with zero-day malware. This mature machine learning and artificial intelligence program features a continuous training model to autonomously collect, analyze, and classify threats. Then it develops new and effective defensive signatures that are distributed across the connected Fortinet Security Fabric in real time.

Time and data both contribute to the success of our program. Each day FortiGuard Labs ingests and analyzes more than 100 billion security events, giving us an unprecedented view of the end-to-end global threat landscape. Our rich data allows us to send an ongoing dataset of tens of millions of fresh files to our SEDS system that then utilizes supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning models.

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning program integrates into Fortinet’s threat intelligence back end to power all the threat detection capabilities that FortiGuard services share across the Fortinet Security Fabric. This integration across Fortinet products, combined with our use of automation and innovation, helps our customers fight the increasingly aggressive and damaging nature of cyber crime.




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